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Great (-; !!

The best app of all time. You can create some beautiful video arts. I cant stop to use it. Be careful you will be addict !

What happen with the update ?

This app used to be perfect before they update. Now its fancy and dont work at all.. I cant even save my work.

Best to randomly create

Glitché is unique and open a whole galaxy of creation, unlimited, so much nice to use fingers and not a mouse anymore to let your visions goes real.

Best glitch app (please uptdate some stuff)

Best app to glitch videos from far compared to others. Please just let us ear the sound of the videos while editing ! Thanks for this app

Cool app



Incroyable, je cherche ça depuis longtemps

Very nice

Can spend hours on the app. Une des meilleures applications préférées.


Nice app

Progressive fraud$: 0,99+2,99+2,99+???

You must buy more and more to have the function promised!! No interactivity to save, so its trash in end, you cant save easily! I couldnt how do it! Trash. I want my money back!

Needs corrections

The functions are great(!) but the app breaks frequently. Need some update to fix bugs

I didnt like the video part

I wish I cloud have my money back

closes constantly

the app for iphone 5s ios 9.3.1 closes constantly, this anoyin me like i wanna throw my phone through my windows. but its a very good app


Okay so, I totally love this app, I think its amazing BUT since Ive updated it, theres no more "Add data" option, which made me really sad, because I love the typography. So Im trying to find the typography online or even un-update hahah. Please put the "add data" option back!! <33

Nice update, but the preview bugs

When I tap the arrow button to edit the photo blending before saving, I cant see the picture, only a blurry background.

Best app

Love this app

make the gifs slower

i like all the features in this app a lot, but i really wanted to be able to control the rate the gifs move after i create them, thatd be awesome

This app is amazing

It is what it is


App top

Mirror effect: rollback to previous version please

You spoiled the mirror effect at this new version.

Deeply enjoyable

Using for a long time... Very satisfied. Worth the cost.

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