Glitché App Reviews

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Great app, but

Great app, I only wished there was a VHS option that was less dramatic and glitchy

A Game Changing App

This app is unlike any other photo editor. It captures moments in a different, unique, and retro way. It brings any picture into a divergent light where the creativity is limitless and the authenticity of it is a powerful storm. Strongly recommended for anyone who wishes to capture moments with a technical touch.

Hello world

This app,is tremendously cool! I just found the video filters that can enhance my creativity.Sincerly,the waviest guy in the universe ✌️️✌️️✌️️✌️️Jon GOT IT

killer app

this app is unlike any other photo/video editors ive used thus far on my iphone6s. i have found myself fairly amazed at how versatile this art app is while also producing killer consistent results! for what its worth...i rarely put money into an app...but i bought all i could to get the fullest possible glitché experience

just a fraud! 99 cent for nothing!

99 cent just to be able to buy in-app? sorry, but this is a fraud...


Love the app, nice job !!

Not all features unlocked.

VERY cool and fun to play with, but not all features are unlocked with the initial purchase. To use the filters while using the camera you have to pay $2.99 and to edit videos you also have to pay $2.99 which is a let down.

great editing but poorly made

after I use this app one time, it will stop working and I have to delete it and then re download it every time i want to use it, and nothing seems to fix it):


Best photo editor


This app is soooooo good to edit photos and make them trippy

Best app or editing application EVER!

I use this app almost everyday. Its would be awesome though if I could edit my videos and still hear the audio. Also you guys should partner with adobe or something and get this app on pc and mac

Best App



zero support from their team

Must have

Fabulous Fantastic Rich Inspiring Creative Artsy! Best new app to for creating abstract pieces of art.

Luvvvv it

Great for dope tumblr pics

5 Stars

Wavy app

best visual app ever

easy and fun, photoshop in your phone

Good effect

I hope use those effects on adobe premiere


this app is so cool and fun



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